Interpretation and Translation

English and German

Learn about my services in the fields of interpretation and translation that will help you overcome language and cultural barriers. Because there is more to languages than just words.

What you need:

Professional and qualified conference interpreting or translating services in English and German because you are faced with one of the following situations:

  • You are hosting a multilingual technical conference or a business meeting and require professional interpreters who can work both simultaneously or consecutively. You also want to know what the difference is, where to start and what to plan for.
  • You need someone for a face-to-face communication event, i.e. a liaison interpreter, because you plan to visit your customer or subsidiary and want everyone to be at ease, including yourself, comfortably talking in their mother tongue – and to be clearly understood. Because you do not have the time for misunderstandings.
  • You are negotiating the terms and conditions of a contract with a business partner and want to concentrate on what to say, not how to say it.
  • You are looking for a court-appointed sworn interpreter and translator, because you want to buy property in Germany and need a certified translation of the notarial deed or interpreting services at the notary's, so that you can safely sign a contract or any other type of document for official purposes.
  • You are getting married and need certified translations of your personal documents or an interpreter for your wedding.
  • You require professional translations of business or technical texts from German to English or English to German.

What I do:

  • Provide you with high-quality interpreting services for your business relations, private or official event, in formal and less formal contexts.
  • Consult you and help you plan and manage interpretation services needed at your international conference or meeting with your business partner.
  • Professionally translate your texts from various specialist fields, take into account and use the appropriate specialist terminology that you and your customers understand.

Who I am:

  • Court-appointed interpreter and sworn translator for the English language.
  • Formal university training in all modes of conference interpreting, i.e. simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, and degree as conference interpreter (Diplom-Dolmetscherin), and as a translator.
  • Active languages: German (mother tongue) and English
  • Senior member of VKD (German Conference Interpreters' Association).
  • University studies in Bristol (UK), Trieste (Italy) and Germersheim (Germany).
  • Work experience as management assistant and translator at bank, publishing company, retailer.
  • Trained as wholesale and international trade specialist (Groß- und Außenhandelskauffrau).

Why me:

Every conference or meeting has its own unique requirements. And while it may be the first time you need interpreting or translating services, I am an expert language services provider. I have been working for 18 years in the business both in Germany and abroad, specializing in many different fields and continually extending my knowledge by regularly undertaking further training. So you can rely on the experience and the know-how necessary to make your multilingual project, whatever it is, a success.


I will be pleased to give you detailed references. For confidentiality reasons, however, I can only provide you with the contact persons' details with my clients' consent. Just let me know.

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